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Does Not Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

Does Not Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

People have been using eyeglasses to correct or enhance their vision for centuries. Since eyeglasses became popular and more widespread in the 1300s, eyeglasses have advanced significantly as technology offers solutions to a wide range of vision issues. Many eyeglasses wearers, however, have growing concerns that not wearing their specs can ruin their eyes and make them worse. Here, we’ll get to the bottom of whether this is true.


Does not using glasses make your eyes worse?

In short, no it does not. Not wearing your prescription lenses will not cause harm to your eyes, but they can still cause several unpleasant symptoms.


The effects of not wearing glasses

You may experience some or all of the following when you don’t wear your glasses:

  • Inability to focus eyesight correctly
  • Dizziness and/or nausea
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Eye strain
  • Increased tripping or falling hazards

This happens because your eyes have to work harder to keep things in focus. Simple tasks like reading may cause physical pain, which can reduce productivity and worsen other symptoms. Aside from experiencing discomfort, any improvement you have gained from using corrective lenses may gradually regress.

There is also an increased risk of injury. Whenever you choose not to wear your glasses, you don’t have the clearest vision possible. Activities such as going down the stairs or driving can put you at greater risk for harm.


Things that can make your eyes worse

While not wearing glasses may not permanently harm your eyes or cause your vision to worsen, other things such as injuries, infections, blue light, and ultraviolet exposure can contribute to vision problems.


How wearing glasses can help your eyes

Does Not Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse? - How wearing glasses can help your eyes

The first and most apparent benefit of wearing glasses is clear vision.

In addition, some glasses are also designed to correct some eye issues, such as double vision, lazy eyes, crossed eyes, and other concerns. For continuous improvement of these conditions, wearing your glasses all the time is a must.


The bottom line

At Vint & York, we know how important clear vision is to everyone. We also know that expressing your personal style through your frames is a priority. If you don’t wear your glasses for one reason or another, it may be time to get a better pair. It’s best to get checked for the correct prescription and experiment with comfortable designs that suit your personal style. Check out our collection of eyeglasses to see what works for you.

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